JIFF 2012 Coverage – Morning Glory (Whang Cheol-Mean)

For desistfilm: John A. Riley Hyun-Jun is an actor, specialising in musical theatre. He is given an opportunity to study acting in America, but before venturing abroad, he returns to the small village where he grew up. Once there he re-kindles his acquaintance with his beautiful cousin So-yeon, acquaintance quickly turning to Romantic desire. Hyun-Jun’s…

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for desistfilm: Narda Liotine To say cinema is a matter of movement tout court is something I personally don’t agree with: To experience film format as a big canvas should imply that one is able to explore every single fragment of a reel and contemplate their unique beauty.  Since Joris Ivens’ the notion of individualization…

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per desistfilm: Narda Liotine Non credo che il cinema sia una questione di movimento tout court. Se si guarda ad esso come ad una tela di grandi dimensioni si può distinguere ogni singolo frammento di cui è composta e contemplare la bellezza piena di ognuno di essi. Per qualche ragione il movimento dell’acqua mette in…

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JIFF 2012 COVERAGE – Without Father (Kim Eung-Su)

for desistfilm: John A. Riley Watching an East Asian film, the Anglophone, Euro-Americo-centric viewer comes face to face with an at-first pressing dilemma: whether to incorporate everything one sees into familiar, Western paradigms or whether to defer to the infinite mysteries of the Orient. As Without Father unfolds, this dilemma quickly becomes redundant. References to…

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