JIFF 2012 COVERAGE – Without Father (Kim Eung-Su)

for desistfilm: John A. Riley Watching an East Asian film, the Anglophone, Euro-Americo-centric viewer comes face to face with an at-first pressing dilemma: whether to incorporate everything one sees into familiar, Western paradigms or whether to defer to the infinite mysteries of the Orient. As Without Father unfolds, this dilemma quickly becomes redundant. References to…

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Here at desistfilm, we’re getting ready to cover about 26 features, both shorts and films from the exciting and ongoing JeonJu International Film Festival. We can’t wait to watch their now famous Jeonju Digital Project, an omnibus film which will count the talents of  Raya MARTIN,  Vimukthi JAYASUNDARA and YING Liang this year. “IFF, with its…

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